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With Video, Audio and Screen Sharing Communication, and Live Chat features.

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Built on Modern Web Technologies

Such as Laravel, VueJS and Bootstrap CSS framework, with tons of built-in features and components. It enables users to communicate and collaborate with others via Video Conference, Webinar, Audio Conferencea and Live Real-Time Chat etc.

Multiple Methods

It supports Video Conferencing, Live Classes, Webinars, Audio Conferencing and Podcasts.

Regularly Updated

We will be updating regularly with latest version of framework, plugins, features and fixes

Secure & Protected

Encryption is a mandatory feature of WebRTC, and is enforced on all components, including signaling mechanisms

Single Page Application

Reduces queries to server, decreases loading time, less bandwidth usage and improved user experience


Smarty Desk Video Connect is a groundbreaking live video collaboration tool that helps consumers own more of their claim process.

Use Cases

Smarty Desk Connect.Why Do Businesses Use Video Conferencing? Learn about the many video conferencing use cases to help you join online meetings internally or externally.

Live Class

SmartyDesk Connect offers a video conferencing platform for education that helps you teach your students online. Try now


Smarty Connect using videoconferencing for mental health consultations. Video conferencing is a useful and effective tool for remote mental health consultation


We have assembled the leading conferencing software platforms, all capable of providing high-quality video and full-featured collaboration tools.


Online training courses using video conferencing software are a great way to unite your remote teams. Save time, Save money

SmartyDesk Collaborate online in real-time

With Video, Audio and Screen Sharing Communication, and Live Chat

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